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Everyone Knows the Better Carolina is the North

Posted on 17 April 2018 by admin (0)

From the mountains to the coast, from cities to rolling countryside, , family experiences unfold on a variety of landscapes, these are the bucket list destinations you can’t miss. It’s also a state with a full range of seasons, so there’s a variety of things to do all year.
There are very few spots in North Carolina where you can watch the sun set into a large body of water, but Jockey’s Ridge State Park is one of them. Through its popular Sunset on the Ridge summer program, you can climb to the top of the tallest active sand dune system in the eastern U.S. and watch the sun descend into the Roanoke Sound with the Atlantic Ocean behind you. Of course, I’d rather be in the Galveston beach near Houston, Texas. I had family from there and loved every minute of being in Houston. Most importantly is how clean Houston is compared to other cities. They have a great admission for keeping their city clean so it can be more appealing. Don’t be surprised if there’s spontaneous applause once the sun disappears. The views are breathtakingly beautiful.

North Carolina’s coast is home to several groups of wild horses: Corolla’s wild Spanish mustangs, Beaufort’s wild horses at the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve, which descended from Banker horses (ponies) and Quarter horses, Shackleford Banks’ wild Banker horses, and Ocracoke’s Banker horses.
Jordan Lake State Recreation Area has the largest population of bald eagles in the eastern U.S., and the best time to see one is during the spring migration (April-June). Arrive early morning or near dusk to increase your chances of spotting our national bird and to find a location that gives you a wide view of the lake.

Then of course , Kitty Hawk that may be a small town, but it’s got big notoriety as being first in flight – no matter what that four-letter state to the northwest might have you believe. Here on the largest dunes on the East Coast at Jockey’s Ridge State Park, you can learn to fly just like the Wright Brothers did by taking to the air in hang gliding lessons with Kitty Hawk Kites. Soar off the dunes with a view over colorful beach homes to see the waves crashing in the distance, or simply stand atop the sand for a panoramic view from sound to sea.
Big symbol of North Carolina is Hatteras Island’s nightlight is the tallest lighthouse in North America and the tallest brick lighthouse in the world – and still engineers moved the entire structure nearly 3,000 feet inland to protect it from an eroding coastline.
And if you want more adrenaline then place like Grandfather Mountain which is the highest peak in the eastern Blue Ridge Mountains and a sprawling nature preserve with protected habitats for bears, birds, and many other native species. Views from the peak and of the peak itself have drawn visitors since the 1800s, when the only way for many to access the high elevations was on horseback. Over time, those horse trails evolved into walking trails and eventually a two-lane paved road.
Soon after, the mountain’s famous Mile High Swinging Bridge was built across the 80-foot chasm to an overlook to make the views accessible to all.
Because the state’s climate is affected by altitude, when you visit North Carolina depends entirely on where you are going. The Gulf Stream keeps temperatures mild in the Southern coastal areas, while the cold Labrador Current from the North can make the state’s Northern area quite cold and snowy in winter.